Salutations! I'm Martin, I develop elegant and awesome websites and apps.

Ghost in the host

As the old saying goes, the car that a mechanic takes the least care of is probably going to be their own. Similarly, this website your looking at here has been sitting for over two years on the back-burner whilst I took care of all the duties building up the apps and webpages for my clients.

I seem to have found myself now with a few free days and I decided that a good use of this time might be to finally getting around to putting together my own publishing platform.

After looking at the available options I finally settled on Ghost once I saw the very excellent looking Uno theme made by Dale Anthony.

I am all for not having to reinvent the proverbial wheel and generally know good solutions when I see them. So far, I'm really happy with how it is working out. With only a few custom edits I have somehow put together a blog that, in my humble opinion, looks good.

All I need to focus on at this point is great content. Writing in a language that is not intended for computer consumption is somewhat alien territory for me. Still, It feels pretty neat to have a place to put up my thoughts, ideas, and other bits of brain-dump. I intend to write up summaries about my projects as they're completed and dive into the techniques and tools used.

There is also the obvious intention here to acquire new clients for my burgeoning small business of developing and hosting websites and apps. I'm sitting on a decently large bandwidth pipe, and there is certainly, always, lots of room to grow.

If you have a business that lacks a beautiful webpage or have a need for some sort of app that needs to work great on desktop and mobile, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

I have several projects of my own that I would like to eventually see blossom to fruition, including a really awesome spin on the traditional web-chat paradigm, and an innovative freelance job bulletin board system. More about those later in future posts :)

Stay tuned, things are just getting started...

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